"Frank is awesome. My family's been taking our cars to him for repair since the beginning of time. His estimates always come in lowest and his and his team's work is always the best. Back in my younger days, I was a car wreckin' fool. The fact that I'm still alive is a testament to the patience of my parents. Frank always fixed us up quickly and we never had a problem with any of his work. It wasn't until I got my own car with my own insurance and found out I had to go to someone else to get the work covered that I really realized how great this place is. It might be out in Henderson, but if you want your car fixed right you'll make the trip."

– Crystal C.

"I went to franks auto body service and they did an amazing job on my rear bumper i recommend everyone to go there for body work and paint!"

– C. Dayy

"Recently I was involved in an auto accident and was at a loss on where to go to have my car fixed right the first time. Since the other guy's insurance was paying for it, quality was key and price did not matter. First, I figured I would call the Desert BMW and ask where they recommend I get my car fixed since they are a large dealership and probably have a few connections. After one was recommended to me, I started to look around some more for comparison and came across Frank's Auto Body which not only rated high on Yelp, but was one of the handful of body shops in town that gets a favorable AAA rating and is on the preferred provider list of State Farm Auto Insurance to! And if that was not enough, the people at Hertz said they have heard many good things about them as well.

All in all, my car came out perfect. The folks at Frank's not only fixed all the damage but detailed my car out upon finishing it up. Plus, they called me between 2-3x a week to give me a heads up of what's going on with the car, status of parts being ordered etc.... None of this five week later stuff and a call saying your car is ready now."

– Brad T.

"Not only did Frank's do a great job repairing my car, they made it a virtually stress-free experience. They arranged a rental car for me and went out of their way to make the entire process run smoothly."

– John Gray

"Everyone in my family brings their cars to Frank's Auto Body because we know we can trust them to do a great job and provide us with the best service possible. I wouldn't take my truck anywhere else"

– Frank Moorehead

"My truck looks like new again - you can't tell where the damage was. The entire staff at Frank's was friendly and wanted to make sure I was happy with all aspects of my experience. I couldn't have asked for better service"

– D.J Allen